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NMC's new Music Map

Contemporary composition is a wide and extremely diverse field. It is underrepresented in the popular discourse of reviews, journalistic articles and TV and radio broadcasts. When it is mentioned, it's usually in terms of a few self-prejudicing stereotypes. If you're a new music retailer how do you get past these barriers to introduce new listeners to the true range of music that you sell?

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Learning to love the niche

Contemporary classical music. Surely there is no tougher sell than this. With classical music already a niche market, its contemporary version is a niche of that niche. But there are upsides. The audience for modern composition may be small, and hard to grow, but it is fiercely dedicated. Those who cross the rubicon and bring new music into their lives are incredibly committed: they'll attend dozens of concerts a year, travel long distances for the best festivals, read and listen extensively around their passion and, perhaps most importantly, talk about it with one another.

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