Editing FAQs

You may also want to read more details about the editorial process, or consult my editorial CV.

I am a student – is this cheating?

Many students use professional proofreading services like mine to help present their work in its best possible state, and many tutors recommend such services to their students. This is particularly the case for postgraduate and research students. However, regulations differ between universities and if you are in any doubt please check with your tutor or supervisor before contacting me. I will accept work on the assumption that you have made this check. You may need to include an acknowledgement in your submission that you have used a professional proofreading service.

How do I submit my document?

You may submit by email or using a free hosting service such as Sendspace or Megaupload. Short documents may be sent as single files; for longer documents, or documents in several parts, it is advisable to compress or zip your files before sending.

What formats do you accept?

Microsoft Word is the preferred format for sending documents, but LaTeX is also OK. Please check if you would like to use another file type.

How much do you charge?

I charge according to the document wordcount and the time in which you would like the work completed. My fees are the same for students and businesses, since everyone receives the same high quality service. Please see the chart on the pricing page for more details.

How do I calculate my wordcount?

Your word processor should be able to do this for you. Please include all front matter, footnotes, endnotes, appendices and bibliography in your count as these will be edited in the same way as the main text.

What does 'Next day service' mean?

If I acknowledge receipt of your email before 1pm (London time), your document will be edited and returned to you by email before 3pm the next working day. Documents received on Friday will be edited and returned on the following Monday. Although I will do my best to accommodate your needs, the next day service is subject to availability: this service is only guaranteed once I have confirmed my availability by email.

How do I submit payment?

You may either use one of the Paypal links on the order page, or you may pay by direct bank transfer or personal cheque. In these cases I will send you details by email when you first get in touch.

What editing will you do?

In my standard editorial service I will check and correct the following:

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation, including serial commas, changing tenses and restrictive/non-restrictive usages
  • use of idiomatic English
  • internal consistency, including spellings of names, abbreviations, date style, capitalization and alternative word forms
  • consistent usage of English or American spelling and punctuation ('ize'/'ise' endings, single or double quotation marks, etc.)
  • figure references
  • bibliography, including stylistic consistency and completeness of information
  • consistency of front matter with the rest of the manuscript

I will also highlight any passages that are unclear, illogical, repetitive or otherwise problematic for you to consider revising.

When will I receive my edited document?

You will receive your edited document before 3pm on the day that your requested service expires. Therefore, if you place an order for a 1-week service on a Monday, you will receive your edited document before 3pm on the following Wednesday. An order for a 3-day service would be received before 3pm on Thursday of that week.

How do you return documents?

Documents will be returned using the same format by which they were sent: either by email, or through a free hosting service such as Sendspace or Megaupload.

What do I receive?

You will receive two Word documents: one clean copy with all my corrections and a second copy with all my edits marked in track changes and another with all those changes approved. I will also include comments on both copies wherever there are passages that you might like to revise. You can then review each edit individually, or accept them all, and your work is ready to print and submit!