Extras - all part of the service

In some respects, proofreading is proofreading is proofreading. What set Red Pen, Blue Pen apart, however, are the extra touches that come as standard:

  • Tracked and clean versions. All proofread documents are supplied in two versions: 'clean', with all my changes incorporated, and 'tracked', with Word's track changes feature switched on so that you can see what I've done.
  • Comments. If anything is uncertain or unclear in your text I will provide a comment, with suggestions where appropriate, rather than barge in and risk altering your intended meaning. 
  • Sensitivity to jargon and technical language. Every academic discipline comes with its own vocabulary. If something looks unfamiliar to me I will always check first before 'correcting' and inadvertently changing its meaning.
  • Bibliographies and referencing. Precise references are what define academic writing: my proofreading service includes reference and bibliography checking, formatting and styling as standard. Or you may just want someone to look over your bibliography.
  • Text message on completion. Running to a tight deadline? Simply send me your mobile phone number when you order and I'll text you when your document is finished so that you know exactly when it's time to find a computer and hit 'print'.
  • Personal stylebooks. Every document is edited according to a personal stylebook, which I compile as I work and archive once I have finished. This is not only allows me to keep track of internal consistency within your writing and your personal writing style, but also serves as a resource should you wish me to edit any future documents. Your own personal stylebook is available free on request; just ask when you place your order. Or you can download a free template and compile your own as you write.