Environmental impact 

I'm not a car manufacturer or an oil company – I'm a writer and editor, working out of my home office – so there's only so much I can do to improve my green credentials as a business.

But, on the other hand, protecting the environment is a responsibility for all of us. Here's what I do so far; I'm always looking to do more: 

  • All electricity for my home and office is supplied by Ecotricity.
  • All gas heating is supplied through Ecotricity's Green Gas tariff (except in winter, when some of it will come from our brand-new wood-burning stove, using even fewer non-renewable resources!).
  • And while Ecotricity fuels my office, I help fuel myself with fruit and veg from Abel and Cole.
  • All paper in the office is from recycled stock. Even better – everything gets used on both sides. And of course it all gets recycled when I've finished with it.
  • Finally, the hosting company for this website, Squarespace, has some pretty decent green credentials of its own: 100% of the energy it buys is green-certified renewable – it's one big reason why they got my vote.