Proofreading and editing

You’ve done all the reading, planning, thinking and writing. Your ideas are good, your arguments sound. Yet, as your submission deadline draws nearer, stress means that mistakes start to slip through. They may be spelling errors, mis-labelled examples, bibliographic inconsistencies or simply the odd split infinitive. If English is not your first language the problems are even greater. They make your ideas harder to understand and your reader or examiner will notice every one.

I can help. I have worked as a professional editor in academic and reference publishing for more than a decade. I am also a PhD graduate (University of London, 2009) and have worked as an undergraduate tutor. Working on some of the world’s major reference publications has given me an excellent eye for consistency and bibliographic style.

I offer proofreading and editorial services to students and academics of all disciplines: previous clients have come from fields as diverse as electrical engineering, nursing and theatre studies.

I have been an examiner, a student and a writer, so I know the difficulties and frustrations faced by all sides. And I know for certain that well-edited, error-free writing will greatly improve the chances of your hard work getting the attention or grades it deserves.

My standard proofreading service covers the following areas:

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation, including serial commas, changing tenses and restrictive/non-restrictive usages
  • use of idiomatic English
  • internal consistency, including spellings of names, abbreviations, date style, capitalization and alternative word forms
  • consistent usage of English or American spelling and punctuation ('ize'/'ise' endings, single or double quotation marks, etc.)
  • figure references
  • bibliography, including stylistic consistency and completeness of information
  • consistency of front matter with the rest of the manuscript.

If you would like me to apply a heavier editorial touch to your document, then let me know and we can discuss your requirements. A 10% surcharge may apply for particularly heavy editorial work. This may include, but is not limited to: 

  • cuts
  • restructuring
  • formatting.

Please note that my heavier editing service is intended for practising academics and authors. It is rarely appropriate for student work that is intended for formal assessment. In all cases, please check with your supervisor before contacting me.

Full details of the editorial process are available here.